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LO: I can draw inferences from a text.

Freeze Frame

Today we began to explore our new book ‘The Lonely Beast’. We had a look at an image from the book and tried hard to say what we thought was going on and why we thought that. We looked very carefully at the picture to help us, making sure we looked at the expressions on people’s faces to help us. We then had a go at creating the scene in small groups, freezing in their positions. We had lots of fun imagining what the different characters were thinking and saying and cannot wait to read the story.

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Newspaper Reports


Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Year 2 become fantastic feature spotters!!

This week we are focussing on Newspaper Reports. Today we had the opportunity to explore and learn about Newspapers. We discussed when and why they are used and how they are very different to stories. We then had the chance to learn about some of the important features that are included in newspapers and finally put our new skills to the test. We had a go identifying some features in our own articles and were very successful!

Monday 4th February 2019

LO: I can design a character

My Character

Today we had a go at creating our very own characters to become the Beast’s new friends. We had lots of fun designing these different creatures, using various materials and colours. Once we had created our characters, we began to think about describing the. We thought about what they would be like, where they might come from and much more.

Friday 15th February 2019

Welcome Home Party

Today we came to the end of our book ‘The Lonely Beast’ and we decided to throw our very own welcome home party. We discussed the different things that we would need to help us prepare and spent all week getting things ready, from writing party game instructions, invitations and even some special ‘Lonely Beast’ party hats. We have really enjoyed this book and had such a good time partying the afternoon away!

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