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Dance Challenge!

Following on from a very popular trick shot challenge we now have a dance challenge for our young people (and even staff) to take part in, details below. The winner will be able to choose what activity they would like us to provide for them and their school for a full day when we return to some normality. Everyone who enters will receive a certificate for taking part:

You have the choice of the following spaces within your home;

  • Kitchen 
  • Living Room 
  • Garden 

In this space you need to create your own short dance routine of no more than one minute. Try to be creative with the space (or lack of!) that you have. Try to include a range of action (movement), space (levels,directions) and dynamics (fast, slow, sharp,fluid).

For an extra challenge - can you use a prop from the space that you have chosen to perform in.

Rehearse, Perform and Film It!

We would like people to email in their entry to: challengepsp@outlook.com. They would need to include the following:

*Initials of child


*Year group

*Permission to show entry on social media YES or NO


Thank you and stay safe!

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