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January / February 2021 School Closure

Online Work

Maths and English work for each day is uploaded after each Zoom lesson.

There is also a suggested timetable and links for other subjects, which has been shared with families. 

A balanced curriculum includes PE, Art, Design Technology, Music, History and Geography, but we understand that not all of the children will be able to access all of these lessons.

Paper Packs

Available to collect from school each Monday afternoon between 1:30 and 2:30pm.

Please only travel if it is essential.  School will not be supervising this time and Parents are responsible for their own social distancing and safety.

See links below for further support and resources.


There are currently two live Zoom lessons each day.    

These lessons are planned and taught by the class teacher who is also teaching the Key Worker children who are in school.


One of the biggest challenges faced by Parents is encouraging their children to engage in the work set by school.

Think about setting clear boundaries for work with clear rewards at the end.

E.G. "Now we are doing Maths and then we will play a game."  


Breaks are important for everyone and many Parents know how hard it is for themselves to work from home at a screen for a long period.  Build regular breaks into the day for your child! 

We do expect every child to complete English and Maths each day, but we want everyone to be realistic about how many hours a day their child can be expected to work.

Support for Parents.

Please remember that our Teachers are skilled professionals who have studied the art of Teaching for many years.  We are trying to make this as simple as possible for Parents, but homeschooling is not an easy task!

Be kind to yourselves - you are doing a great job.  

Keeping Active!




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Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

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