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Virtual Sports Day!

Join in the fun!

We know that Sports Day is always a fun Summer tradition and we don't want to miss out.

We are going to suggest a variety of events for you to try at home.  Let us know how you do and we will create a leader board on this page.

Taking Part...

Thank you for taking part in the West Yorkshire Virtual School Games Sports Day!

Please note children do not have to complete every challenge to submit their scores for an activity.

Tuesday 7 July at 10am – The official Virtual Sports Day video will be premiered live on the Yorkshire Sport Foundation’s YouTube channel. You will also be able to watch the video back as many times as you like after 10am in case you miss it!


Submitting Scores....

Wednesday 8th July at 12pm – Deadline to submit scores online. A Google Form will be available for teachers, parents or children to submit scores. This will be open for everyone either at home or in school. We will then release the scores later in the day.

Competition 1: Netball

The option of a netball, sponge ball, tennis ball, rolled up pair of socks, toilet roll or anything soft you can throw!


(4 points)

Throwing the ball, clapping, and catching! Try and do one clap. You get a point for trying and a point for being successful.

Try and also do five claps. You also get one point for trying and one point for being successful. So, there are four points up for grabs!

Keep your eye on the ball and throw it nice and high and straight above your head.


(2 points)

Throw the ball in the air, sit down and catch the ball. You get one point for trying and one point for being successful.


(2 points)

Throw the ball and turn around and catch it again. You get one point for trying and one point for being successful.


(2 points)

The hardest one! You are going to try and throw the ball in the air, lie down and catch it whilst laid on the floor.

Keep your eye on the ball and keep looking up. Again, you get one point for trying and one point for being successful.

For each challenge a bigger ball will be easier and a small ball will be harder. You can choose how hard you can make it for yourself!

Scoring: You get one point for giving each challenge a go and one point for successfully completing the challenges. In total there’s ten points up for grabs across all the challenges!


Competition 2: Keepie Uppie

A ball, rolled up socks, toilet roll or anything soft you can try and do Keepie Uppies with!


In one minute see how many times you can keep the object in the air.

You can keep it up using any part(s) of your body e.g hands, feet or knees etc. 3


You get a point for every keepie uppie you do in the minute. Once the ball (object) touches the floor please start from zero. Please only submit your highest score.

SEND adaptations: If you are seated you can use your hands and / or knees to keep the object in the air.

Competition 3: Rugby

An A4 piece of paper to stick on a wall with tac or tape (you can also use any pre-existing target on a wall). The option of a rugby ball, football, rolled up socks, toilet roll or anything soft you can throw! Objects to use as markers on the floor (cones or shoes etc).


This is a target challenge throwing your ball from different distances (markers) at a piece of paper on a wall at shoulder height.

Marker 1 is 2 strides away, marker 2 is 3 strides and marker 3 is 4 strides.

Participants have eight attempts (four facing one way and four facing the opposite way) to hit the target and they can choose where they want to take their pass from out of the three markers.


Closest marker = 1 point for a hit,

2nd marker = 2 points for a hit  

furthest marker = 3 points for a hit.

You then total your score out of your 8 passes. Maximum score is 24.

SEND adaptations: This challenge can be done seated or standing. If seated, please lower the target to be in line with the shoulder.


Competition 4: Gymnastic Personal Best Challenge

A soft floor space.


Watch the video and try and imitate the 11 shapes Craig Heap performs the best they can.


This is a personal best challenge and doesn’t require any scores to be submitted. However, feel free to share routines on social media tagging #WYSG and you can be in with a chance of winning the Passion Award for your School (information below)!

Competition 5: 20 Second Speed bounce Challenge

Stopwatch (or anything you can use to time e.g. clock with second hand / phone) and anything you can safely jump over (stick, cone, shoe etc).


How many times can you jump two footed over the object in 20 seconds? Remember for the younger children to take rests!


Record how many times you have bounced over the object in 20 seconds.


We will be giving away sports equipment goody bags for the winning schools showing examples of the following School Games Values:

Teamwork awards: For each of the competitions (excluding gymnastics) we will be averaging all the scores submitted across all age groups in your school. The school with the highest average score for each competition will win the Teamwork Award!

Determination award: This will be the school who has submitted the most entries for the day.

Passion Award: Please share your day on social media using the hashtag #WYSG and we will be choosing a winner who displays the most passion!


The link to submit your scores is below. Please note this link will only be live from 10am on 7th July up till 12pm on the 8th July.


Teachers, parents and children can fill in this form. This can be done at home or in school and all children’s results will be added to their school score. We will not be asking for any names or initials, only the school. It is one form per participant and children don’t need to have completed all competitions to submit a score for a challenge. The final results will be released on Wednesday 8 July after 12pm.

Keep an eye on our twitter @YorkshireSport for this information!

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