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Y3 and Y4

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Please remember that YOU know your children best.  We will provide ideas to keep your child active, and we will share our skills with you as much as we can, but if you have an amazing idea, feel free to get creative with your child's learning.

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We want to see what your child has been learning while at home!  Please share photos or scans with: homework@stpatricks.org.uk

A Teacher will respond to these emails with help, support and feedback.

Year 3

This work will remain on the website until the week commencing 21.04.20 after that it will be deleted to make space for new work, please download and take pictures of everything needed!


In English we have been reading 'The White Rat' from Tales of Wisdom and Wonder. 


This week we would like the children to design an invitation to the royal ball to celebrate the white rat becoming a princess. 

- We would also like them to write instructions for a recipe (please see below). 

- We would like the children to continue to develop their comprehension skills (comprehension attached below). 

- We have been working through various Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons attached below you can find Lesson 14 - Prepositions to show time. 

-Spellings to learn for this week: 

actual, learn, group, heard, arrive and circle.


- This week we would like the children to write in role as the White Rat and retell the story. Thinking about how the White Rat might be feeling throughout the story, do her feelings change? 

- Comprehension for this week is attached below. 

- SPaG lesson for this week attached below (Lesson 15 - Inverted commas in direct speech). 

- Spellings to learn this week: 

often, build, eight, caught, centre and century. 


- Please see week 3 R.E for some writing ideas! 

-  Comprehension for this week is attached below. 

- SPaG lesson for this week attached below (Lesson 16 - Punctuation in direct speech). 

- Spellings to learn this week:

heart, breath, busy, early, continue and decide. 


Week 1 and 2 starters are attached below (fluent in 5). 

Maths Starters Week 3

In Maths we follow the White Rose Maths Scheme. The next step is for the children to learn how to divide 2 digits by 1, you can access White Rose Maths for free which gives you varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions. Please see below for a PowerPoint to aid this and a worksheet (week 1, 2  and 3 attached below).  

Science: Plants



In R.E we have been learning about the parables which Jesus told. The task for this week is for the children to retell the parable of The Lost Sheep. The children could also begin to think about the Wedding Feast of Cana and could write a recount of this. This was Jesus' first miracle and Jesus' didn't want to begin His ministry but Mary insisted that He help - John 2:1-12.


This week is Holy Week so we would like the children to read the following accounts: 

Matthew 21:1:1-11 and then write in role as an onlooker as the crowds welcome Jesus into Jersualem. 

Luke 22:7-38 Thursday is Holy Thursday when Jesus celebrated the Last Supper. Then Jesus washes the feet of the apostles (usually done by a servant: revealing His message of service "The Servant King") before going to pray in the garden om the mount of olives (The Agony in the Garden).

-The children could write in role after reading each of the scripture verses.

-The children could also create a booklet all about Easter and why we celebrate it ensuring that all the special days are included.  


- The children can make Easter cards. 

- The children could also use Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting as a stimulus for their art work. 

Year 4

Year 4 activities can be found under DBLogin in the corner of this screen. Your child should have a unique login. There are also games, quizzes and a space for your child to safely write about their experiences.

If you cannot access this, there are daily lessons for year 4 on White Rose Maths with a video and resources.

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ (Click on Year 4 and start with Lesson 1)

and https://readon.myon.co.uk/library/browse.html?fbclid=IwAR2M32JsviVPqZOHGjr6eskgL9SxutYzap6kC_b5_jXF8f15AuZpLKaXZFc has thousands of different, free books to explore.


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