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 Week Beginning 6.7.20

There are lots of learning activities to keep Year 5 and 6 pupils busy this week - remember, just do what you can!


Year 5

English - wk 16 - 6.7.20

Writing - If you could go anywhere for the summer, where would you go?

Comprehension- Have a go at this comprehension task all about climate change...

Year 5

Maths - wk 16 - 6.7.20

Click on the link below to follow this week's lessons on shape: 


Find the corresponding worksheets below:

Challenge yourself with an arithmetic test this week:

Year 6

English - wk 16 - 6.7.20

Writing: If your drawing could come alive, what would you draw?

Previous Y6 English work:

Arithmetic and Reasoning practice (more can be found on the Year 6 page):

Just for fun! Try this website for printable maths games and puzzles:

RE, Topic, Art and Science

                        Year 5 RE:                                                    Year 6 RE:                        

  History: Another exciting activity about                                         Art: Look at the work of 

        the Anglo-Saxons this week. There are                                    Banksy...does it inspire 

 some super home learning  activities on the                                        you to get creative?

Royal Armouries website too. 

  Science: Look at these fantastic Powerpoint Presentations about the life cycle of animals and plants. Can you complete the activity?

Previous Year 5 and 6 Topic work:

Reading Challenges: How many books can you tick off your reading list?

Below are listed the top 42 out of 100 books to read in year 5 and 6. How many can you read? You can download them and read them on your kindle, iPad or computer. Once you've read one, could you write us a book review?

100 books to read100 books to read 2

Ten for Ten answers- Y6

Here are the answer booklets for the 'Ten for ten' booklets given out before we stopped school and also the answer booklets for all of the comprehension books too. 


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