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Admission Appeals

If you are unsuccessful at gaining a place at your preferred school you will be advised of your right to appeal. The appeal should be made in writing directly to the Governing Body of the school.

Please read the Guidance Notes for Parents detailed below prior to requesting an appeal.

Admission appeals are heard by an independent appeal panel set up under the Education Act 1998 to hear appeals by parents against the refusal by the school’s Governing Body to admit their child to the school of their preference. Panels consist of three members who are independent of the school and their decision is binding on the school. The school are asked to present to the panel the reasons why admission was refused and why the admission of an additional child would cause prejudice to the school, this is known as a prejudice appeal. The parent will have the opportunity to say why they want a place at the school.

If the appeal is for an infant class (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2)  where there are 30 children in the class this is known as an Infant Class Size appeal and there are limited grounds when a panel can grant an appeal.

Due to COVID 19 the way that we administer appeals this year will be subject to changes. 

Firstly, following the receipt of the request for appeal to the Chair of Governors, the Diocese of Leeds Appeal Service Form will be issued and should then be returned directly to the school. These will then be emailed by the school to the Education Office, Diocese of Leeds. 

Secondly, the format that appeal hearings will take in the current circumstances are also likely to change. In the event that an appeal will be considered by the appeals panel based on the written cases supplied by both school and parents only, rather than through an attended appeal hearing, it is essential that as much detail as possible is provided in the written statements.

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