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One world

One World Week

This week for One World Week we did a range of activities to help us understand what it means to be part of One World. Our message this year was to be a good neighbour so we met with Year 5 children where we played some exciting parachute games. We also went into our new library where each Foundation child was paired up with a Year 5 child and had a story read to them. This was a wonderful activity and the kind of thing we hope to do more often. 

We focused on the country Bahamas, where we learnt many interesting facts and how it is different to our country. We looked at the flag and got to colour in our very own. 

We also thought about "Black History Week" and we learnt about the very talented Stevie Wonder. We discussed with the children how Stevie Wonder, who can not see, still used his talents as a muscian and singer to create the most wonderful music. We discussed what it would feel like to not have our sight but to heighten our other senses through hearing and touch and of course we had a big dance to some of his classics. 


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