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Our topic this term is Amazing Africa. We will be exploring and learning all about this wonderful continent using this to inspire our Artwork. Both classrooms have an African Role Play Area to reinforce the childrens learning and provide them with the opportunity to learn through exploring and playing.  Don't forget to check back to see what we find out about this amazing topic. 


We are loving learning about this amazing topic and we know that Africa is a continent made up from lots of different countries. We know that Africa has lots of different landscapes from tall mountains to beautiful beaches and have explored African Savannah's in detail. Most recently we have been learning all about Kenya and what life is like for people there. We know that life in Africa is very different to our life in Huddersfield. 


Alongside this we are having lots of fun in Art creating many different African theme pictures and crafts. So far we have had a go at creating our very own African patterns, decorating African maps, painting an African Savannah sunset picture and even made handprint African Animals. I wonder what other amazing art activities we will be doing soon. 

The Marvellous Massai Tribe

We have been learning all about the Maasai Tribe. These are a group of people who live within the African Savannah in Kenya on the Massai Mara National Reserve. We have loved learning all about their special culture and their way of life, especially their interest in jewelry. We even had a go at making our very own Massai Tribe necklaces. See what you think! 

African Fruit

On Thursday we had great fun learning and exploring different fruits that originate from Africa. Firstly we learnt how the majority of people in Africa grow their own food especially fruit. We then tasted fruit that we are used to, like bananas and oranges and even tried some unfamiliar fruits such as pomegranate and passion fruit. Some of us were even brave enough to try a bit of lemon and lime, fruits that are certainly very sour and made us pull some funny faces! Have a look at some of the photos. 


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