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Monday 26th September 2016

Our Senses - Hearing

We have been learning all about our senses and today we focussed on hearing. We had lots of fun listening to different pieces of music trying hard to guess what the sounds were. We heard lots of different birds from the rainforest, rain and thunderstorms, clocks and even a chicken!  We even got to explore our school grounds listening carefully to the sounds around us from the crunching stones to rain dripping on the leaves and cars driving past.

Monday 3rd October

Senses - Tate and Smell

Today we explored two of our senses – taste and smell. We had lots of different crisps which has lost their names so it was up to us to try and relabel them! We had great fun smelling and tasting the different crisps and came up with lots of suggestions as to what they could be from garlic bread to BBQ and cheese.