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The Storm Whale by Benji Davies

'The Storm Whale' By Benji Davies. The stroy is about Noi and his father who live in a house by the sea, his father works hard as a fisherman and Noi often has only their six cats for company. So when, one day, he finds a baby whale washed up on the beach after a storm, Noi is excited and takes it home to care for it. He tries to keep his new friend a secret, but but there's only so long you can keep a whale in the bath without your dad finding out. Noi is eventually persuaded that the whale has to go back to the sea where it belongs. For Noi, even though he can't keep it, the arrival of the whale changes his life for the better - the perfect gift from one friend to another.


This half term we have been finding out more about Noi, his dad and their six cats by the sea. We read the story up to the part when the storm hits the beach. We then watched a seaside storm video clip and listened to Benjamin Britten’s Sea Interlude. After this we thought about what might happen in a storm and how we could describe what we might see or hear and made a collection of key words. We then got into pairs to write our own descriptive line to put together to make a group poem.

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