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We began our topic on plants by thinking about some well known plants found in many different places. Can you name any of these plants?

Wild Plants!

Wild plants are just that, they have grown in the wild with very little help from humans. They grow on their own with no human interference.


As a continuation from last week’s lesson we decided to go and hunt for some wild plants of our own. It turns out there are lots of different ones around our school! Have a look at what we found!  


Monday 12th June 2017

Terrific Trees

Today we learnt all about trees. We learnt how there are two different types of trees; deciduous and evergreen. Evergreen trees are trees that stay green all year round and deciduous trees are trees that lose their leaves in the autumn and winter. After looking at lots of different types of trees we headed out to our woodland garden to see what trees we could find. We had lots of fun using the leaves to help us spot what trees we have.

Our Plants

Over the last few weeks we have been caring for our own plants, in the hope that they would grow. We’ve made sure they’ve had plenty of water and been in the sunlight. Just look at how much they have grown!

Monday 8th May 2017

Bean Planting

Today we began to explore our new science topic of plants. We had a look at lots of different plants before thinking about how we could grow one. We thought very carefully about the different steps needed to plant and grow a bean and then all planted our very own. Fingers crossed they grow!

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