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Thursday 27th April 2017

London Landmarks

Today we began to explore London with a little help from Barnaby Bear! We discussed where London is found and located it on a map of Britain. We then travelled through London with Barnaby Bear as he showed us many different landmarks you can visit. We reall enjoyed sharing stories of times that we have visited London pointing out landmarks that we recongised. 

Can you name some of these London Landmarks?

Life in the 17th Century

Today we explored what it would be like to live in 1666. We looked at how close the house were together and imagined being able to reach out of our window to touch our neighbours! We then looked at some of the jobs that people used to do in 1666. We had great fun acting out some of the different jobs, pretending that we were back in 1666. Here are some of our photos!

Why did the fire spread so quickly?

Today we thought about why the fire spread around London so quickly. To help with our understanding we all pretended to be the wooden houses stuck so close together. As soon as the fire had started on one it was able to jump to the next. We also learnt how the wind helped spread the fire further around London. We all had a lot of fun pretending to be the houses and are certain that we will all remember how the fire spread around London.

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