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London Landmarks

Today we began to explore London with a little help from Barnaby Bear! We discussed where London is found and located it on a map of Britain. We then travelled through London with Barnaby Bear as he showed us many different landmarks you can visit. We reall enjoyed sharing stories of times that we have visited London pointing out landmarks that we recongised. 

Can you name some of these London Landmarks?

Here is some of our Great Fire of London inspired art work. We have been looking at London Landmarks in 2018, creating our own Great Fire of London scene with either The Tower of London or St Pauls Cathedral and creating our very own Tudor houses.

How did the Great Fire of London start?

We have now begun to talk about the events of the Great Fire of London. It started in Pudding lane in a bakers shops that belonged to Thomas Farriner. He forgot to put out his fire on the night of Sunday 2nd September 1666. Then, the fire grew and grew until it started to pass from house to house. People had to start pulling down their houses to help stop the fire from spreading.

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