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Year 1 English

Welcome to the Year 1 English Page. Throughout the year we will be developing our Reading and Writing skills through various different methods. We will be focusing on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in order to develop our skills. Alongside this we will use Power of Reading books as a focus for our lessons. 

Autumn Term 1The Storm Whale Autumn Term 2  Blue Penguin
Spring Term 1 The Three Little Pigs Spring Term 2 The Fox and the Star
Summer Term 1 One day on our Blue Planet Summer Term 2 Zerraffa Giraffa


(Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

Grammar is an important aspect of our curriculum as it enables the children to develop the knowledge and skills needed to improve their writing. Within Year 1 we cover various different objectives that will all enable the children to become confident, independant writers. We make the lessons as fun and engaging as possible in order to get the best from the children. 

Learning at Home

To help with your learning at home we have included a few websites you could use with your children. 



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