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Year 1 Maths

Welcome to the Year 1 Maths page. Throughout the year we will be following the National Curriculum to develop our skills in Number, Measure and Geometry. We will study our Maths in a variety of different fun and engaging ways.


There are many ways that you can help you child at home with their maths in order to reinforce and develop their skills. Counting when walking up and down the stairs, playing shop and number bond games are just some examples. If you would like any more suggestions please feel free to contact us.



Today we began to learn all about halving and we know that this means sharing by 2. We had lots of fun trying to find the half of numbers practically using counters, whiteboards and even the dinosaurs to help. We are sure that with a little more practice we will soon be halving superstars!


We have been learning all about division. We know that this means sharing equally between different groups. We have practiced our new skills in lots of practical ways and are becoming more confident with sharing numbers. Have a look at some of our examples.

10 shared by 2 = 5                    6 shared by 2 = 3


20 shared by 5 = 4                    50 shared by 5 = 10


This week we have been focussing on counting in different ways. We have practiced counting in 2's and 5's, having lots of fun learning songs and chants. We are becoming confident and with more practice will be super at our times tables. 


This week we have been working really hard in our lessons. On Tuesday we recapped our Shape knowledge and had great fun using chalk to draw lots of different ones on the playground. We even identified lots of shapes that we found in and around our playground. 



We are currently exploring the concept of time and have learnt how to tell the time to o'clock and half past. We are becoming very confident with these and are having lots of fun using clocks to demonstrate our new skills. 



We have been focussing on measuring the length of objects. We have learnt new vocabulary and identifed objects that are longer and shorter. We have even had lots of fun ordering ourselves from tallest to shortest. We are getting very good at using this new vocabulary.