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Year 1 Maths

Welcome to the Year 1 Maths page. Throughout the year we will be following the National Curriculum to develop our skills in Number, Measure and Geometry. We will study our Maths in a variety of different fun and engaging ways.


There are many ways that you can help you child at home with their maths in order to reinforce and develop their skills. Counting when walking up and down the stairs, playing shop and number bond games are just some examples. If you would like any more suggestions please feel free to contact us.


We love Maths!

This term we have been reinforcing our placce value to 10. We know what it takes to make a number, how to write a number and how to add numbers together and take them away. What great mathmaticians!


We have been counting up to 10 using counters, number lines and counting on. 


We have been adding groups of objects together using objects, pictures and counters on a ten frame. 

Taking Away

We have been exploring what happens when you take away objects. We then moved on to showing this as a number sentence using the - sign.

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