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Year 1 Religious Education

Religious Education is a big part of our curriculum and school day and gives us the chance to think about and reflect on the world around us. Each morning we share Collective Worship together using a story from the world or prayer as our focus of discussion and reflection. 

We explore Religion through a variety of ways using stories, drama and music to develop our understanding and knowledge.


A King is Born!

We have been busy practising our lines and learning the songs for our nativity ‘A King is Born!’     We told the story through a family who had forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.  We use narration, acting, singing and dance to tell the story of the birth of Jesus and all the special visitors that came to see him. Here I am dressed up as my character:


We have been thinking about the order in which God made the world and what he made on each day. We then put the days into the right order in groups.

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