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Thursday 14th September


Today we learnt all about Friction. We know that it is a force that holds back the movement of an object and acts in the opposite direction to the movement of these objects. We decided to carry out an investigation to see which surface could create the most friction on a moving car. Lots of fun was had and we were all shocked by the result. We will now be moving onto writing up these results.

Thursday 5th October 2017

LO: I can investigate the strength of different magnets.

Today we began to explore different magnets and have learnt the names of many different types including:

  • Horseshoe magnets
  • Bar magnets
  • Ring magnets
  • Square magnets
  • Button magnets


We decided to investigate which of these magnets was the strongest by holding paperclips to the magnet so they were attracted to it. We continued to add paper clips creating a chain until no other paperclips were attracted to it. We know that the magnet which had the longest chain is the strongest, as the magnetic force can pull the paper clips over the longest distance.

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