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Just In Case!

In case of school closure here are some helpful links for activities:


White Rose Maths are planning free resources to aid children's learning at home. 


Create an account for children to access for FREE games and learning packs. 


Topmarks have lots of resources including things in English, maths and topics.


Primary Resources also have a variety of resources. 


IXL offers 10 free practice problems in English and maths. They have 355 maths skills and 173 English skills to choose from. 


Twinkl is offering one month ultimate membership FREE to access resources and high quality learning during any periods of disruptions. Enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


GoNoodle provide free movement videos for children to keep them active at home. 



Continue to practise cursive script with the entry stroke from the line. Here are some guidelines (more can be found on Twinkl).





We have been focusing on developing our understanding of the text through literal and inferential questions. 

Children are encouraged to gather all the clues to answer the questions fully. Examples can be found on Twinkl and an inference worksheet is attached below but any text can be used. 


A challenging text: /kgfl/primary/olspfederation/arenas/website/web/comprehension4.docx


Attached are some ideas for creative writing and uplevelling sentences. 






Times tables

Keep on practising times tables at home with a focus on 3s, 4s and 8s. 

It is useful to watch times table songs on Youtube and play times table games. The children enjoy playing times table bingo in class and this could be done at home.

Don't forget about the inverse facts (division). 


Playing shops is fun but it also helps with calculation and handling money in a safe environment. 


Keep practising calculations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication 2 digit by 1 digit using the column method. 



Practise representing numbers and calculations using arrays, drawing place value counters and base ten using place value grids to consolidate learning of exchanging tens or hundreds (previously called borrowing). 

Ordering and sequencing of numbers is also helpful activity to practise. 

Time and measure are also useful to regularly visit. 

A useful maths learning pack can be found on Twinkl - Year 3 School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack (FREE to download) - Spring themed maths activity booklet. In this pack there are also times table games. 

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