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Year 3


3 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!.mp4

In year 3 we will be  focusing on the Times Tables, reviewing the two, fives and tens from last year, and then focusing on the four and eight Times Tables.


10 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way! He's Back!.mp4

As you can see from the above videos there are a wide range of videos on Youtube that will support your child's learning and make it fun.  We are playing Times Tables games in school such as tennis which will be fun to play at home, ask your child to teach you the rules. 

During our maths lesson, we made 2 Times Tables chatterboxes. This helped the children develop fine motor skills with the cutting and folding. The children were then able to play with them testing and teaching each other on their times table skills.

IMG_71694 Times Table Song - -The Four Rap-- from -Multiplication Jukebox- CD by Freddy Shoehorn.mp4

We have had the opportunity use the ICT suite for maths. So far we used a website called Top marks. This allows us to consolodate learning in a fun manner.

October 2016 001Multiplying 1-digit numbers by 10, 100, and 1000 - Math - 4th grade - Khan Academy.mp4