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Year 3


Year 3 Maths

Welcome to the Year 3 Maths page. Throughout the year we will be following the National Curriculum to develop our skills in Number, Measure and Geometry. We will study our Maths in a variety of different fun and engaging ways.

Please use the links below to see what we have been up to in each of our topics.






There are many ways that you can help your child with their Maths at home in order to reinforce and develop their skills. We encourage you focus on practicing:

Times tables so they can recall them rapidly

Number Bonds

Play bingo or other games



Learning multiplication is an important foundation for learning different aspects of mathematics such as division, algebra, long multiplication, and even fractions. Children need to be able to rapidly recall their multiplications. 

Skip Counting by 4s - To Row_ row_ row your Boat.mp44 Times Table Song - _The Four Rap_- from _Multiplication Jukebox_ CD by Freddy .mp43 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way_.mp4 
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