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Welcome To Year 4's English Page

Through the year this page will be updated with handy things you can do at home to help your child.

We have recently been exploring more elements of Spelling and Grammar.  

We've looked at these areas, if you would like to practice them with your child:

Embedded Clauses (adding extra information in brackets, commas, or dashes)

Apostrophes to show possession!!!

Speech marks


These are the spellings for children by the end of year 4. Some are very tricky and we do lots of work in class but any extra help at home is appreciated!

The Arrival - Spring 1

The Arrival tells a universal story of immigration. The story is about a man leaving his home to find work and support his family. The "graphic novel" conveys messages of solitude, alienation, and hope in a foreign land. This book will provide us with many thought provoking images and help with our inference skills as well as our imagination, using the pictures to tell the story.

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