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Welcome to the year 4 Maths page.  There is lots your child can do online to improve their knowledge and skills... Even whilst you do your shopping or helping in the kitchen. Maths doesn't have to be boring!

Try the following:





We are currently doing lots of work on the written methods for multiplication and division.  These are very tricky skills to master so any practice which children can undertake at home is very useful!  


Here is a link explaining the method for division:



Spring Term

This half term we will be working hard practising our times tables and written methods of the four operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division). We will also be learning about Area and Perimeter, Fractions and Decimals. These can be tricky topics so keep practising at home!

Some area and perimeter work we got up to.

We decided to make our maths lesson a little more practical to help us to understand area and perimeter a bit better. We had fun measuring different objects around the classroom and worked out the area and perimeter.

Next we're off to fractions


Have a go at some of these games to help with fractions and decimals. These can be tricky sometimes.


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