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We are exploring a different timetable for Swimming this year, where one group a week will go to allow more time in the pool and for Ukelele lessons.  This will begin in class groups but separate into ability.  Information WILL be sent home in due course to allow time for equipment to be brought in but please feel free to speak to your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Look on the year 4 homepage for our current timetable, and scroll down!

For safety, swimwear must be suitable for purpose.  It should be sufficiently tight fitting to allow freedom of body and limb movement without causing unsafe water resistance.  Therefore boys are required to wear trunks or lycra shorts (NOT Bermuda/gym/football/ leisure type shorts), girls are required to wear a one-piece swimming costume (no bikinis/tankinis).  Swimming caps are required for health and safety reasons.  A towel will be required.  Any additional clothing worn must be suitable for swimming.
Goggles can be worn subject to the discretion of the swimming instructors.  If goggles are to be worn, then they need to be made of unbreakable plastic and be of BS standards.  Children should already be aware of how to wear them safely.
Health and safety guidelines insist that all jewellery, including earrings, and religious adornments must be removed.
Medical Issues/Exclusions
If your child has any medical conditions, please ensure the school informs the swimming teachers prior to the class starting swimming.  Inhalers must accompany children to the pool.
Swimming is a life-saving skill and therefore Kirklees School Swimming Service will only allow exclusions on medical grounds that are supported by a medical certificate.
The wearing of armbands/discs are not always a sign of a non-swimmer.  At times aids may be used to improve technique for a particular stroke or skill.
Teaching Groups
The aim of the School Swimming Service is to promote good technique with early emphasis on breaststroke.  Breaststroke is the foundation for most swimming disciplines, and therefore the emphasis will initially be on developing good breaststroke technique.  An initial assessment is made on each child based on their ability and safety.  Monitoring of children’s progress is continuous and the group your child is placed in may change during the year.
The children will be collected by coach from school and returned in time for the usual hometime.  
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