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Welcome to the Year 2 English Page. Throughout the year we will be developing our Reading and Writing skills through various different methods. We will be focusing on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in order to develop our skills and alongside this we will use Power of Reading books as a focus for our lessons. We will also work on developing our comprehension skills using various different texts to do this. 

Autumn 1 The Bee Who Spoke  Autumn 2 Egg Box Dragon
Spring 1 The Snail and the Whale Spring 2 The Secret of Black Rock 
Summer 1 The Lonely Beast Summer 2 George's Marvellous Medicine

SPAG stands for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and are the key skills that your children learn during English lessons. Throughout the year children will learn:

  • Spelling Rules
  • Sentence Types - statements, commands, exclamations and questions.
  • Word Types - nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs
  • Suffixes and Prefixes 
  • Conjunctions - and, because, so, if, when, but, or
  • Punctuation - capital letters, full stops, questions marks, exclamation marks, speech marks and commas. 

The booklet below provides various examples of different SPAG questions and activities. 


In Year 2, the children will learn a range of different spelling rules, which include how sounds are pronounced, suffix's and prefix's. Please see below for the different rules and example words. 

Have a go at reading and writing the words in the lists. Can you make you sentence interesting, using adjectives, conjunctions and adverbs? 

Testing: May and June 2020

  • Two Reading tests will be used to assess Childrens' skills.
  • All children are expected to pass the Phonics Screening Test by the end of KS1, and Children will need to take this test at the end of Year 2 if they have not yet passed it.  This will be discussed with Parents.  


In our reading sessions we are focusing on developing our comprehension skills using the Reading Vipers.  When you are reading your books can yo uhave a go at some of the questions attached below?

Useful Links

Below are some useful links that will help support your child with their learning. 

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