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The Man on the Moon By Simon Bartram


Over the last few weeks we have had lots of fun reading all about Bob the Man on the Moon. We have been able to carry out lots of different activities including hot seating, postcard writing, character and setting descriptions and most excitingly an alien crash landing. Have a look below for some photos of these different activities. 

Monday 24th September

Hot Seating

Today we continued to think about Bob from our story ‘The Man on the Moon’. After reading the book, we have learnt a lot about Bob, but we still had some questions for him! We spent time working with a partner to think of questions that we would like to ask Bob, before putting them to Bob himself! We had lots of fun imaging we were Bob and using role play to help our English!

Wednesday 17th October

Alien Crash Investigation.

Today we were out exploring the woodland garden, when we came across a mysterious sight. Right in front of our eyes was a collection of unusual items. What on earth could this be? After some close investigating, we decided that it must have been an alien spaceship crash. But what were they doing here? We had lots of fun thinking of different reasons as to why aliens would be here and why they would have crashed. This is something we definitely won’t forget in a hurry and cannot wait to look into this further.

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