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Welcome to the Year 2 Religious Education Page

We work hard on recognising and talking about stories and people. 
We try to describe what we know and to ask questions about it.
We spend time each morning on Collective Worship, where we reflect on a special prayer, story or song.  We say our prayers in the morning and evening, and before lunch each day.
In Summer Term, we learn about the Mass and the Birth of the Church at Pentecost.

During Spring Term, we were learning all about The Good News given to us in the stories of Jesus.  We learnt how it is important to share stories of love, joy and forgiveness with everybody.  To play our part as Good News People, we made story books for Year One, telling them the story of the feeding of the 5000.

During our topic on 'Chosen People' and we found out about special people chosen by God.  We listened to the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah, and the dramatic life of Moses.  The story of Daniel and the Lion was a favourite too, and we worked hard to retell the story carefully to show what we had learned.

One World Week 2016

We enjoyed celebrating a week in school of working together to create a wonderful world for everyone to share.  Year 2 joined with Year 4 to share stories and games!

Working Together!

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