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Throughout Year Six we cover a range of areas in maths. These include the following:

  • Understanding and applying number
  • Numbers and the number system
  • Calculations
  • Handling data
  • Shape, space and measure.

The children are required to meet an "Expected" level of maths by the SAT tests in May. 

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 Miss Furlong's class were challenged to use logic and reasoning to complete a set of challenges.

They had to:

  • design gift wrap for a series of cuboids, deciding what the largest shaped present could be
  • make the tallest hat they could from one sheet of A3 paper
  • wrap an auditorium by making a net of its shape
  • match together two nets to make a cube using visualising skills

The children expanded their mindset and took the challenges on well, never giving up when sometimes, it proved to be tricky.