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Next Curriculum Showcase: RE and Art on the 30th March at 9am! Please come along and see our amazing work.

Curriculum Open Mornings

As part of the implementation of our new curriculum, we are holding curriculum open mornings throughout the year, where children will be given an opportunity to showcase the work they have completed in various subjects.  Parents and families are invited to attend and speak to the children to see how their learning progresses throughout school in different subject areas.

DT Open Morning

For our first open morning, children were challenged with designing farms in developing countries that deal with challenges faced due to climate change and environmental issues.  They designed floating farms, and farms with shelters.  There was an exceptional standard of work on show, and lots of parents came to see the progression in children's work from Foundation Stage to Year 6.

History Open Morning

The curriculum showcase morning for History was very well attended and children were enthusiastic with their work and viewing the work of others.  There was a wide range of knowledge on display and again it was pleasing to see the confidence with which children spoke about their current and past learning.  A special thank you to the Huddersfield Local History Society who attended and showed children an array of impressive information and photographs about the local area.  Thank you to all who attended.  

Geography Open Morning

After postponing a Curriculum showcase prior to Christmas due to the rise of Omicron, they returned with a bang when Geography work from across school was displayed.  The standard of work was outstanding with topics covering the sea, Australia, our town and local area, European countries and Antarctica.  The children's knowledge of what they had learned and why was impressive, and they were able to explain how prior learning supported them.  Their presentation skills were also impressive with many visiting parents commenting!  Thank you for all who came and supported the event. 


It was amazing to see such a variety of practical work that has gone on throughout school, and another great turnout of parents.  The children once again spoke with confidence and used so much scientific language!


Art and RE are sharing a Lent themed curriculum morning on Wednesday 23rd March where we will be looking at work based around the Stations of the Cross and would be delighted if you could join us!

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