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Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr H Rowan

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs R Holmes and Mrs C Scott

Governor Responsible for Safeguarding: Dr D Barnwell

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all of its pupils.  Each pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance.

We aim to provide regular opportunities for everyone within our school community to learn how to keep children safe.  Please use the links below for further information.

Online Safety

Due to many families now working from home it is important that we are encouraging online learning but also maintaining a healthy balance between online learning and other online activities such as social media, games and apps. Please ensure that children are aware of the online risks and age limits for using apps during this time. Below are some websites with some great resources and advice.

Safety Rangers - Keeping your Child aware of general safety risks in the home:




Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board

Parents can access the following website for useful information and advice:



Operation Encompass

All schools in Kirklees have opted into a national safeguarding service, whereby any incident of domestic violence, involving external agencies, will be passed on to school, before the start of the next school day.  This strengthens communication between all parties and ensures that the safeguarding of children in school remains a high priority.Operation Encompass

For more information please visit: https://www.operationencompass.org

In every force

Our aim is to ensure that schools have timely information about all police-attended incidents of domestic abuse, no matter where in the world the child lives.

In every school

Our aim is to enable staff in every school to understand how to support children who are experiencing domestic abuse, no matter where in the world the child lives.

For every child

Our aim is to ensure all child experiencing domestic abuse receive timely support in their school, no matter where in the world the child lives.

Useful Links for Parents and Families

Advice for Children and Families on a Range of Issues. Walking Home From School Safely. Mobile Phone Safety
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Help Your Child Stay Safe on Social Networks, Apps and Games. Advice on Parental Controls. Keeping Your Child While Online Gaming.
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Explaining the 'Underwear Rule' to Your Child. Review of Popular Apps and Sites used by children and young people Talking to Your Child About Staying Safe Online

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TikTok Snapchat WhatsApp


Instagram Fortnite Youtube

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Keeping Your Child Safe on Minecraft.   Roblox



  Community Hub offering Family Support Links  



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St Patrick's is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its children. As a school we recognise that safeguarding against radicalisation is no different from safeguarding against any other vulnerability. At St Patrick's, all staff are expected to uphold and promote the fundamental principles of British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

  • Children are encouraged to adopt and abide by our Code of Conduct
  • Children are helped to understand the importance of democracy and freedom of speech, through the the school council, PSHE, RE and the wider curriculum.
  • Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, in school and when using the internet.
  • Children participate in local community events so that they appreciate and value their neighbours and friends who may not share their faith background.
  • Children’s wellbeing, confidence and resilience is promoted through our planned curriculum and extra curricular learning opportunities.
  • Children are supported in making good choices from a very young age, so they understand the impact and consequences of their actions on others.
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