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150 Years Young 2014 - 2015

September 2014 marked the beginning of our school's 150th year celebration.
We were pleased to mark this special year with the support our the whole school community!  Friends of the School provided keepsake gifts for each child and sold specially made mugs.
School was decorated with bunting designed by every child in school and a time capsule was begun.
We celebrated with our wonderful families on Family Fun Day and a really lovely time was had by Children, Parents, Grandparents and Staff.

Family Fun Day!

  • Miss Smith was a whizz with her face painting brushes and even parents were adorned with fancy decorations!
  • Mr Eagan was very impressed with the standard of Ipad animation videos.
  • Mr and Mrs Finelli had pulled out all the stops with the sporting activities, and even homemade some of the challenges! Mr Kowalski helped to keep the scores and many families displayed their sporting ability!
  • Miss Bahadori, Miss Roberts and Miss Richardson were helping children to paint pebbles and were so busy, we had to do an emergency dash to Armitages to buy more!
  • Mrs Lobaz brought back memories for many parents with her sewing craft.
  • Mrs Parker, Mrs Reilly and Mr Dane helped families to craft beautiful family trees.
  • Mrs Loraine organised the St Patrick's Bake Off Competition and Mr Rowan and Mr Sutcliffe did well with the difficult task of judging the cakes.  Congratulatons to Grace Ellis, Anna Hirst and Jacob Widdop for their winning family entries!
  • Mrs Brook did a fabulous job as the story wizard in the magical tent!  
  • Mrs Turtle, Miss Czajaika and Mrs Borowa were busy with refreshements.
  • Mrs Kumar and Mrs Powell took many fabulous photos in the photo booth.
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