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St Patrick's Mosaic 2014

About the mosaic

Our mosaic of St Patrick was created in 2014.  It is made mainly of glass tiles, 22,000 plus pieces.  Many current and past staff and pupils took part in creating the mosaic.  Mr Dane with Mrs Jarzembowska were the teachers in charge of planning and design.  You will see St Patrick looks different each time you walk past.  This is because there are many different textures and finishes to the tiles, e.g. some are glittered finish, others opaque and several are irridescent meaning that they change colour depending on different light conditions and angles.  There are some mother of pearl pieces around the serpents which again add another dimension.  A truly wonderful project which will be there for many years to come.  Above is a PowerPoint showing the creation of the mosaic and the many people who took part in its creation.