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School Council

School Council Prayer
God, the source of every good gift
You have called us together as servants to do your will
Grant us the light of your Spirit to guide us in our responsibilities as a School Council.
May we work together in harmony for the common good
May we listen to one another in a spirit of respect
May we encourage one another’s unique talents
We ask this through Jesus Christ
The Light of the World


General Information

The School Council meet every half term to discuss a wide variety of topics.  There is one representative elected from every class from EYFS through to Year 6.

This year, the School Council will focus on improving our Break and Lunchtimes and thinking of ways to look after everyone who shares our school.  We want to make sure everyone is safe and happy at school. 

Meet the Mayor

We were really excited to travel to Huddersfield Town Hall to meet the Mayor of Kirklees.  It was a fascinating trip and we all learnt so much about this interesting role.

R U Ok?

We are sharing this video with our classes and learning how importnat it is to ask others how they are feeling.  We know that eveyone feels a little sad or frustrated at times and we can all play a part in checking in with each other and offering a friend to talk to.


Buddy Stops

We asked each class in school to vote for their favourite Buddy Stop to add to the playgrounds.  These will make it easier for us to stop anyone feeling left out or lonely at playtimes.

Once we have chosen our favourites, they will be installed on our playgrounds.

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