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In Recent Years Our School Has Benefitted From:

Roktagon - http://www.roktagon.co.uk

FOS have funded, with some help from a successful National Lottery Grant, an exciting permanent feature on the field at St Patrick's!

Roktagon is a bespoke 3D climbing structure, with a caving system inside it.  What an incredible new feature for all of our children to be able to access!  This will help support our children to be healthy and active, and to think beyond traditional sports.  Evidence shows that climbing promotes physical activity and mental agility, and will help to develop self-confidence, social skills and problem solving too.

Star Dome 2015.

In Spring Term 2015, the children enjoyed learning about the stars!  Star Dome is a mobile planetarium, which the children eagerly climbed inside to watch the stars and constellations projected around them.  We hope to provide many more opportunities like this, and are very grateful for all the support we receive throughout the year.   

The Mighty Zulu Nation - 2014

In Autumn Term 2014, the children all enjoyed a visit from the Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company.  They spent two days in school teaching the children about aspects of their culture and history. 
Parents got the opportunity to watch the children perform at the end of each day.  You couldn't fail to be impressed by their dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic dances and songs.  The atmosphere was electric and captivated pupils, teachers and parents alike!
By supporting our events, it means that the FOS can help to provide more activities like this throughout the school year. 

The Circus Came to Town in 2013!

All the children experienced the fun and excitement of the circus right here in the school hall!  Alex visited St Patrick's with a whole bag of tricks and taught the children juggling, plate spinning, unicycling and many more amazing circus skills.  this was a truly memorable experience for all the children, and we have to say a huge thanks to everyone connected with the Friend's of St Patrick's School for providing this special opportunity!  

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